What We Offer

Painting and drawing at the Art Center is an experience in which adults and students can develop their skills as artists right here in the Wilmington Island neighborhood! Dr. Shawn Bland provides directions and inspiration as you enjoy the process of creating. 

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Egg Decorating Workshop!

April 6 at 10 am!

Join us as we make colorful eggs for the Easter season on April 6 at 10 am! Crafters will learn two techniques for decorating eggs--one with origami paper and the other with fabric! Cost is $40 and each participant will learn both techniques and leave with a dozen (non-perishable!) eggs! Adults and children 8 and up. (If you have fabric you'd like to use, please bring it! Thinner, cotton- style works best!)

Also, there will be a surprise bonus technique!


Coastal Painting from the Heart!

Join us every Thursday evening from 6 - 8 pm for coastal-themed, acrylic painting projects with local artist, Jennifer Nolan! Explore techniques and discover your own love of this form of self-expression while following along, step-by-step. Beginners welcome! Two hours for $35. Supplies included.

pour painting.jpg

Pour Painting!

You've seen it on the Internet! Now, you can do it, too! Join us to learn pour painting, Saturday, Mar. 23 at 10 am. Learn how to mix pouring medium with your choice of paint colors and how to pour, swirl, tip and drip on a canvas! So much fun!

$40 per person. All ages!


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